Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reading Seth Godin's blog tonight, I came across a piece he wrote regarding the change in the economy. His reading is always entertaining and extremely insightful, and tonight was no different. He said that the way of the factory and being able to produce things locally is gone, and that business has refined the process to the point where it is near perfect, and therefore instead of looking to make it more obedient, that we should look into the direction that the new networked economy is heading. I think what he means is that we have gone from an age where being local was a strong enough reason to buy something, to where we can get it to here from anywhere, so the new trick has become how do we get customer x to us? It's an interesting thought, and makes me wonder why I never thought about it from that perspective. I had always assumed that it would mean that people would go back to more local, intimate products, but he is right. The new horizon is more connecting the dots, and finding ways to do that, as opposed to refining the manufacturing process. The question is this, what will be the process? What jobs will be created in order to "grow" the process? I don't have the foresight to answer but it is an interesting concept. Applying it to my particular field, social media is making it more difficult on both organizations and on reporters to get jobs done. So where is the field heading then? I'll be waiting for the answer, but, I think like Seth says, it is the start of the networking revolution.

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