Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Time!!!

If the juices aren't pumping, throw some AC/DC on the iPod, pop in some highlights, and get yourself in the mood. I'm dropping my season in review blog right now. I like making points, so this will be all in bullet form. Forgive the lack of classic organization, but I have way too much in my brain to do this in any other format....

- Things are getting tight in the rankings right now. Texas, Bama, and Joe Pa U all still remain unbeaten, with the Nittany Lions easily owning the easiest of the three remaining schedules. I'm going to straight up call them overrated. Barely beat an Ohio State team that is not the powerhouse they have been in the past, haven't beaten a team of consequence in their own conference, and look vulnerable to me. To put it this way, they are in the exact same spot that Utah is in, but seven places higher. You can't tell me that they would still be unbeaten in the SEC or Big 12. Hopefully they lose one of the next three, otherwise we'll end up with a mismatch in the title game.

- Texas or Alabama have to be the two teams to beat. Bama has their thorough beatdown of Georgia as evidence to go along with having to play in the SEC, which is probably one of the top conferences in the country. Texas has to run the gamut in their remaining games, which include a tough Texas Tech team, and possibly a rematch with a slightly embarassed Missouri team. My money is on both teams losing one before its all over. Its simply too hard in either the SEC or Big 12 to go undefeated. Bama has looked terrific at times, and inexperienced at others, and if it weren't for the presence of Nasty Nick Saban, I'd count them out alltogether, but Saban has this team playing with confidence and toughness, and the offensive line has been dominant at times this season, which is almost always a good indicator of how things will fall out. Texas has a tough, tough schedule, and was proven by their last three week stretch. Oklahoma State definitely showed that they aren't invincible, but you better have your A game when you come to play the Baby-Faced Assasin, Colt McCoy. Anyone who still has an 80% completion rate this late in the season is legit, regardless of how good his receivers may be. Tough to call

-OK State is for real!!! I told everyone they had the offense, but lately even the defense is for real. I've never seen a defense that creates turnovers at critical points the way theirs does, at least not outside of Snow College, ha ha. Probably will lose at least one more game, but with the possible return or Dez Bryant, and Zac Robinson, look for them to continue to succeed. Oh, and I hear they have some pretty good tackles as well...

-The old addage that defense wins championships is old for a reason. Its withstood the test of time. Texas Tech may blaze across the turf offensively, but they still have to face some talented offenses. I think the Red Raiders may lose at Texas, and possibly Stillwater, but stranger things have happened. No one expected Ok State to be where they are now, but I still think that Texas Tech just simply does not have the horses to maintain their top ten position.

-If I had to select some matchups to see in BCS bowls, hmmm, that would be tough, but my list would probably look like this...

Rose- USC v. Penn State: As unlikely as it is that Penn State will lose, I want it to happen because, as I explained above, I just don't think they deserve it.

Fiesta- Utah v. Oklahoma State: I just want to see it happen. I have zero evidence or information to support it.

Orange- Oklahoma v. Florida: I think its on in this one. Two great coaches, quarterbacks, and traditional powerhouses.

Sugar- Boise St v. Georgia: Obviously, the chances of this happening are zero, but for this game happens based solely on my need for a real playoff.

Championship- Texas v. Alabama: Hook 'em Horns; Roll Tide. Does it get any better???

Remember, these are just the games I'd like to see. Obviously the chances of it happening are zero.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big College Football Weekend

I just had a few thoughts about the world that I live in right now, which has been completely engulfed by football, and a little bit of Baseball. Fall is just perfect for football. Its getting colder, everyone is in hunter gatherer mode, and we all need a release and a way to just blow off steam, and while the pool is too cold, the stadium is just right. Its a great time of year, I get juiced to the point that I start to shake because I love it so much. Anyways, I had some points I wanted to make.

People are still jabbering about how the Utes offense has been inconsistent. Understandably so, its important to be firing on all cylinders, but as any idiot can figure out, the key to winning championships is to peak at the right time. So, while they haven't been perfect, I will accept being UNDEFEATED, and the fact that defense and special teams are capable enough to make plays for us even when the offense can't. Would you prefer we play mistake-free, well executed football against wyoming now and risk playing poorly against TDS, or would you rather have a team that clearly has the components to make plays no matter what the problem? Uh huh, me too.

Oklahoma State is for real. Offensively, I knew they were good, but lately their defense has turned up some critical turnovers when needed. They did it against A&M and then again against Missou, which is what really surprised me. I knew they were good offensively when I saw them play against Troy, but if the defense keeps making plays like they have, watch out. Bedlam could be off the planet. Biggest concern is how they will handle the high ranking. We'll see how good the "MAN", Coach Gundy, really is...

Oklahoma fan is going ballistic right now about "Big Game" Bob Stoopes not getting the job done against Texas, and the last two years in the Fiesta Bowl. Ridiculous fiction in my eyes. The man turned around what had been a lackluster program and took them to the pinnacle of college football in 2000. I think he has been hit by a stigma that is VERRRRY common in the media today, where as soon as someone or some team establishes itself, immediately hundreds of media members hop on the bandwagon without really looking into the deeper issues surrounding the team. Most just read the scores or watch the highlights and don't really analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a team, or the opposition it had faced. And, to be honest, sometimes in football things just don't go your way. Fact of life. I see the same thing happening with the Cowboys. They won a few games and people were "crowning they asses" as the proverbial super bowl front runner. Now, apparently the wheels have come off and they'll be lucky to make the playoffs? What? Are you serious? There is clearly a lot of offensive firepower in big D, so before we predict the iceberg, let's just wait and see how they respond. The trade for Roy Williams could inject the necessary new life they need.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Quick Update

So I'm on the ground here in Oklahoma. Other than the three hour layover in Dallas, I'm having a blast so far. Biggest difference I've noticed since getting here is how much people love their football here. I wish that Utah could catch a little bit of that disease. Back home, its where did you serve, or where did you go to high school, or all sorts of dumb little questions like that. Here, cut and dried. You OU or you STATE? My dad is already getting into it with the OU fans. Keeps grumbling, watch out for those horned frogs, every time he sees an Oklahoma shirt. Obviously I will be adding more after my game experience tomorrow, so look forward to that, but for now I just wanted to give a quick update. I won't make a prediction on the Utah game, other than to say they better be ready to play. As Oregon State just proved on Thursday, anything can happen between the sidelines. Go Pokes tomorrow, and Go UTES!!! I'm out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A few thoughts on my day off

So I didn't really stick as tightly to my plan as I thought, but I'm still getting a blog in this week!!! Thats a big step for me. Being on time may just be around the corner, but I'm not getting my hopes up. By the way, I'm wearing my Michigan Big House shirt right now, not because I'm suddenly a Michigan fan, but come on. Maize and Blue looks good on everyone. And I really like this shirt. Anyway, on to my observations.

-I only watched the second half of the game, but Utah looked lost, out of sync, and like they had their hands full with the Michigan Defense. I'm not sure how this has gotten overlooked, but that was a pretty nasty defense. I think the reason they held the Utes in the second half was, A, they may have been overlooking how fast and talented the skill guys on that team are, and B, they simply weren't used to the speed of Utah's offense. All season long they've been practicing against what we now see was a mediocre Michigan offense. Give them some time, I think they'll cause some serious damage, yes, even in the glorious big eleven.
-Utah is really, really, REALLY fast in the defensive backfield. Just look at how quick they cut off Michigan's attempts to get to the corner, using mostly linebackers. My goodness.
-Matt Asiata is as legit as I thought he was. I remember watching him at snow and thinking that his acceleration from his drop to the line of scrimmage was incredible. There were a few passes that he should have reeled in, but if he can stay healthy, I think he has a great chance of becoming a part of the great backs we've had in the past.
-Michigan is going to be better than people think.
-Utah has a long way to go before anyone needs to make reservations in Tempe.
-UNLV is playing very coy in the media right now, but I think they have to be wary of the fact that Utah is coming in with a lot of focus, which, if it leads to execution, could be deadly. I still haven't seen the killer step-on-their-throats mentality of the Urban era, except against Wyoming last year. This would be a good game to put together four quarters of rough 'em up football so that the team gets a feel for how hungry they really have to be.
-I haven't been this jacked to go to a Utah game since 2006 when Eric Weddle was at the U.
-B Johns needs to barrel over someone and not get hurt before he really can turn the corner and be the stud he was in 2005. He still runs hestitantly, not good for the new school hybrid option quarterback that Utah has embraced since Urbanization.
-My fantasy team has the look of a champion this year, I can feel it.

Since no one is reading this, I'm going to throw a quick political jab in here. John McCain is not one of my favorite choices to become the next president, but I did like one part of his speech last night. To paraphrase, he said if you want your country to be better, take responsibility and make it that way. It was almost said with an aire of chastisement as well. I think he makes a solid point about that. We cry about how miserable things are, but how many of us have actually done something about it? Granted, I think he has a responsibility to lead the way, and one way of doing so obviously would be to freaking figure out how many houses he owns, but also to not just say one thing while we all know he's not planning any real changes to those who are feeling the hurt the most. I'd love to hear someone say, ok, we're all stuck in this together, so we gotta help each other out. You rich people need to part with some of your overspending and make sacrifices just like everyone else. Poor people, quit being so dependent upon everyone else for your handouts, and lets give some more money to teachers, please. We do these things, most everything else will work itself out. Oh, and Exxon Mobile, ya'll are toast. Government was established to protect the people, so we're going to protect them for now, until we can figure something else out and help you all lose your jobs for being greedy. I doubt many people would disagree with me on this.

Lastly, the Snow College Badgers are back at it again, having recently thumped the Air Force Prep Huskies 56-17. If anyone deserves your attention this fall, its the Badgers. They continually do things the right way and achieve unbelievable success. September 13th is their first home game. I know I'll be there!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bored At Work

For anyone who has called my phone in the last few months, you probably heard that I'm working at the car wash. (If you haven't heard my ringback, shame on you for not calling me; but not really:)) Today is an especially slow day because I woke up at sevenish to come to work, and right now I just really want to get to the gym, so the day can't go fast enough. Something about fall brings out the gym freak in me, and I'm pretty sure its the fact that football is in the air. This is the first fall minus two years in ukraine that I will not be involved in anything related to football since I was eight. The last two years in badgerville playing for snow were something I could never have predicted in a good way, so many good memories and good friends and things that I miss right now. If you haven't ever seen a Snow game, put it on your list of things to do with high priority. If you need a road trip buddy to go down, I'm always in. This year, I have the privilege of traveling to Stillwater, OK; Ephraim, UT; St George, UT; and hopefully either Las Vegas or Tempe to see football games this year. Next year, I plan on doubling that list if it becomes possible. Why? My own personal conviction is that Football is the best spectator sport in America, period, end of argument. If you haven't found your love for the game, I've come up with a top ten list so to speak, of things to do in order to become involved in football. Without further ado....

1. Pick a Team Carefully- A few years back, I decided to become a Bengals fan, mostly because they sucked and I didn't want to be let down anymore, after seeing the Titans fall nine inches short of winning the super bowl. In my hastiness, I neglected to weigh several critical measures. One, location, because you'll want to be able to watch your team often enough, and utah and cincy are nowhere near each other. Two, history. I love the san diego padres, and part of that reason is they have a lot of former players and success that I can look back on. Plus, dope old school unis. Three, fan following. Its one thing to go to the extreme like michigan, but if you are going to commit to a team, you better hope that their fan base is as devoted as you are...

2. One and Done- Once you pick a team, stick with it. This is the hardest part for me because I like seeing success, and right now most of my teams seem to enjoy the bottom half of their divisions more than the top. Plus, I get attached to players, so right now I like watching the Angels because I see Reggie Willits and Howie Kendrick, both former bees players. I like the Chargers because of Eric Weddle, and the Minnesota Twins because they remind me of the Jazz, small market, good guys, and dedicated fans. But when it boils down to it, I still love my bungles and my padres above all.

3. Game Experience- Few things can rival the experience of being in the crowd of the team that you are cheering for, either home or away. I can still vividly picture the scene of Rice Eccles stadium the day of a Utah-BYU the one time that I got field passes. The sounds, the smell, pregame tailgate, all of it combining with a literal energy of excitement that at times feels like you could reach out and grab it. At this point, the love of football will become contagious. Test me on this...
4. Buying Apparel- Now that you have the game experience under your belt, its time to really commit. Hats, Jerseys, Shirts, even Wristbands, are symbols of your commitment, kind of like wedding rings. Much of who you are and how people perceive you will come from what you are wearing. A quick recommendation, don't wear a jersey unless you are A, at a costume party, B, going to the game or watching it with a group of people, and C, are under the age of 14. Any other situations, no matter how convincing your drunken buddies may be, are completely restricted. No exceptions. I'm telling you, stick to this rule. Otherwise you'll end up being the dumb ass grown up with the glove that miffs the foul ball and everyone boos at. I'm not even joking. No. Not even that. Just stop thinking about it.

5. Join a Fantasy League- Personal philosophy, competition makes everything sweeter. Also, every game takes on new meaning because one way or another, your team will be involved in the game. Its a whole new level of football.

6.The Dover Effect, or I I-80ed in my pants???- I would never ever encourage anyone to do anything that they feel compromises their morals, but for those of you like me, whose morals somehow get lost at the Utah-Nevada state line, betting on games can really increase the thrill. Football is an emotional, adrenaline-driven game. What better way to get yourself emotionally involved than to lay a few benjamins down and pray that they find their way home?

7. Kick it Old School- Nothing will teach you the basics of football like a little league or high school game. Its Utah, so there's no way you can use the excuse of not knowing anyone who plays either little league or high school. Besides, if you're like me, you don't have shit else to do on a friday so why not?

8. Turkey Bowl- Football is a terrific spectator sport, if not the best of all time, but most people who watch football at one point in time acutally played the game. For those of you who missed out on your high school glory years, fear not. A yearly ritual requires little more than a fiery attitude, a cheap pair of cleats and some good non-tear sweats. That's right, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowls are far and wide across the country Thanksgiving morning, and there is no better way to show your thanks for our freedom than using it to put someone on the turf. Whats even more fun is watching as all the has beens pull hamstrings, tear crucial ligaments, and bloody their faces, all in the name of thanksgiving glory. If that doesn't whet your appetite, I ask you to please punch yourself in the stomach, because you deserve it.

So I said it was a top ten of sorts, but I lied, there are only eight reasons here, but just the same, each one is worth like ten in and of itself, so you can't really complain. Besides, its a free blog and if you disagree most likely you'll either tell me, or just stop reading, but either way, my hope with this little piece of electronic parchment is that more people will come to understand my obsession, and yes, it is an obsession, with football. I know not everyone will love it the way that I do, just like I don't understand dance or baseball with the passion of a former dancer or baseball player, but even the non athlete can enjoy and love the game of football, and that right there might be the best reason of all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Post...Kinda Nervous!!!

I'm not necessarily the kind of person who follows trends, but blogs do cater to my love of writing and expressing ideas. I think most people who write regularly feel the same way that I do; namely that writing helps them more freely express and organize ideas, but I think there is a deep quality to writing your thoughts down as opposed to speaking them. Its almost like there are less interruptions from mind to fingers than from mind to mouth. Plus I'm one of those people who doesn't like the sound of their own voice, so for all I care I sound like jim rome in this blog. Which brings me to my first little piece, or point in my ramble for tonight. I'm primarily going to use this to practice writing about my beloved utes and badgers as I get chances to see them play this season. Can't promise I'll get every game, and there will be biases, but I really am excited about this idea. Hopefully I can stick with it long enough to get something on paper. Anyways, not really much else to say right now, but I'm sure there will be plenty more. Late.