Friday, September 5, 2008

A few thoughts on my day off

So I didn't really stick as tightly to my plan as I thought, but I'm still getting a blog in this week!!! Thats a big step for me. Being on time may just be around the corner, but I'm not getting my hopes up. By the way, I'm wearing my Michigan Big House shirt right now, not because I'm suddenly a Michigan fan, but come on. Maize and Blue looks good on everyone. And I really like this shirt. Anyway, on to my observations.

-I only watched the second half of the game, but Utah looked lost, out of sync, and like they had their hands full with the Michigan Defense. I'm not sure how this has gotten overlooked, but that was a pretty nasty defense. I think the reason they held the Utes in the second half was, A, they may have been overlooking how fast and talented the skill guys on that team are, and B, they simply weren't used to the speed of Utah's offense. All season long they've been practicing against what we now see was a mediocre Michigan offense. Give them some time, I think they'll cause some serious damage, yes, even in the glorious big eleven.
-Utah is really, really, REALLY fast in the defensive backfield. Just look at how quick they cut off Michigan's attempts to get to the corner, using mostly linebackers. My goodness.
-Matt Asiata is as legit as I thought he was. I remember watching him at snow and thinking that his acceleration from his drop to the line of scrimmage was incredible. There were a few passes that he should have reeled in, but if he can stay healthy, I think he has a great chance of becoming a part of the great backs we've had in the past.
-Michigan is going to be better than people think.
-Utah has a long way to go before anyone needs to make reservations in Tempe.
-UNLV is playing very coy in the media right now, but I think they have to be wary of the fact that Utah is coming in with a lot of focus, which, if it leads to execution, could be deadly. I still haven't seen the killer step-on-their-throats mentality of the Urban era, except against Wyoming last year. This would be a good game to put together four quarters of rough 'em up football so that the team gets a feel for how hungry they really have to be.
-I haven't been this jacked to go to a Utah game since 2006 when Eric Weddle was at the U.
-B Johns needs to barrel over someone and not get hurt before he really can turn the corner and be the stud he was in 2005. He still runs hestitantly, not good for the new school hybrid option quarterback that Utah has embraced since Urbanization.
-My fantasy team has the look of a champion this year, I can feel it.

Since no one is reading this, I'm going to throw a quick political jab in here. John McCain is not one of my favorite choices to become the next president, but I did like one part of his speech last night. To paraphrase, he said if you want your country to be better, take responsibility and make it that way. It was almost said with an aire of chastisement as well. I think he makes a solid point about that. We cry about how miserable things are, but how many of us have actually done something about it? Granted, I think he has a responsibility to lead the way, and one way of doing so obviously would be to freaking figure out how many houses he owns, but also to not just say one thing while we all know he's not planning any real changes to those who are feeling the hurt the most. I'd love to hear someone say, ok, we're all stuck in this together, so we gotta help each other out. You rich people need to part with some of your overspending and make sacrifices just like everyone else. Poor people, quit being so dependent upon everyone else for your handouts, and lets give some more money to teachers, please. We do these things, most everything else will work itself out. Oh, and Exxon Mobile, ya'll are toast. Government was established to protect the people, so we're going to protect them for now, until we can figure something else out and help you all lose your jobs for being greedy. I doubt many people would disagree with me on this.

Lastly, the Snow College Badgers are back at it again, having recently thumped the Air Force Prep Huskies 56-17. If anyone deserves your attention this fall, its the Badgers. They continually do things the right way and achieve unbelievable success. September 13th is their first home game. I know I'll be there!!!


Vincent Smith said...

Excellent blogging Brown Bear. I was riveted from beginning to end. But why no recent posts?

The Katester said...

Big-E. Nice work on Blogging. Glad to see your night ramblings aren't going to a waste:) You better be coming with us to the game, or we might just cry!