Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big College Football Weekend

I just had a few thoughts about the world that I live in right now, which has been completely engulfed by football, and a little bit of Baseball. Fall is just perfect for football. Its getting colder, everyone is in hunter gatherer mode, and we all need a release and a way to just blow off steam, and while the pool is too cold, the stadium is just right. Its a great time of year, I get juiced to the point that I start to shake because I love it so much. Anyways, I had some points I wanted to make.

People are still jabbering about how the Utes offense has been inconsistent. Understandably so, its important to be firing on all cylinders, but as any idiot can figure out, the key to winning championships is to peak at the right time. So, while they haven't been perfect, I will accept being UNDEFEATED, and the fact that defense and special teams are capable enough to make plays for us even when the offense can't. Would you prefer we play mistake-free, well executed football against wyoming now and risk playing poorly against TDS, or would you rather have a team that clearly has the components to make plays no matter what the problem? Uh huh, me too.

Oklahoma State is for real. Offensively, I knew they were good, but lately their defense has turned up some critical turnovers when needed. They did it against A&M and then again against Missou, which is what really surprised me. I knew they were good offensively when I saw them play against Troy, but if the defense keeps making plays like they have, watch out. Bedlam could be off the planet. Biggest concern is how they will handle the high ranking. We'll see how good the "MAN", Coach Gundy, really is...

Oklahoma fan is going ballistic right now about "Big Game" Bob Stoopes not getting the job done against Texas, and the last two years in the Fiesta Bowl. Ridiculous fiction in my eyes. The man turned around what had been a lackluster program and took them to the pinnacle of college football in 2000. I think he has been hit by a stigma that is VERRRRY common in the media today, where as soon as someone or some team establishes itself, immediately hundreds of media members hop on the bandwagon without really looking into the deeper issues surrounding the team. Most just read the scores or watch the highlights and don't really analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a team, or the opposition it had faced. And, to be honest, sometimes in football things just don't go your way. Fact of life. I see the same thing happening with the Cowboys. They won a few games and people were "crowning they asses" as the proverbial super bowl front runner. Now, apparently the wheels have come off and they'll be lucky to make the playoffs? What? Are you serious? There is clearly a lot of offensive firepower in big D, so before we predict the iceberg, let's just wait and see how they respond. The trade for Roy Williams could inject the necessary new life they need.


McCall B. said...

Hey kid-o! I just discovered your blog and I plan to be a dedicated reader so you better write often. It has been way to long since I've had a bear hug from you and I miss it. I hope we can hangout one of these days.

amrocks! said...

Well, I'm just wondering why Alabama doesn't have any part in your blog? I'm disappointed...Especially for one who claims one of his favorite books to be Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer. Why the cold shoulder to the Tide? :)