Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its Time!!!

If the juices aren't pumping, throw some AC/DC on the iPod, pop in some highlights, and get yourself in the mood. I'm dropping my season in review blog right now. I like making points, so this will be all in bullet form. Forgive the lack of classic organization, but I have way too much in my brain to do this in any other format....

- Things are getting tight in the rankings right now. Texas, Bama, and Joe Pa U all still remain unbeaten, with the Nittany Lions easily owning the easiest of the three remaining schedules. I'm going to straight up call them overrated. Barely beat an Ohio State team that is not the powerhouse they have been in the past, haven't beaten a team of consequence in their own conference, and look vulnerable to me. To put it this way, they are in the exact same spot that Utah is in, but seven places higher. You can't tell me that they would still be unbeaten in the SEC or Big 12. Hopefully they lose one of the next three, otherwise we'll end up with a mismatch in the title game.

- Texas or Alabama have to be the two teams to beat. Bama has their thorough beatdown of Georgia as evidence to go along with having to play in the SEC, which is probably one of the top conferences in the country. Texas has to run the gamut in their remaining games, which include a tough Texas Tech team, and possibly a rematch with a slightly embarassed Missouri team. My money is on both teams losing one before its all over. Its simply too hard in either the SEC or Big 12 to go undefeated. Bama has looked terrific at times, and inexperienced at others, and if it weren't for the presence of Nasty Nick Saban, I'd count them out alltogether, but Saban has this team playing with confidence and toughness, and the offensive line has been dominant at times this season, which is almost always a good indicator of how things will fall out. Texas has a tough, tough schedule, and was proven by their last three week stretch. Oklahoma State definitely showed that they aren't invincible, but you better have your A game when you come to play the Baby-Faced Assasin, Colt McCoy. Anyone who still has an 80% completion rate this late in the season is legit, regardless of how good his receivers may be. Tough to call

-OK State is for real!!! I told everyone they had the offense, but lately even the defense is for real. I've never seen a defense that creates turnovers at critical points the way theirs does, at least not outside of Snow College, ha ha. Probably will lose at least one more game, but with the possible return or Dez Bryant, and Zac Robinson, look for them to continue to succeed. Oh, and I hear they have some pretty good tackles as well...

-The old addage that defense wins championships is old for a reason. Its withstood the test of time. Texas Tech may blaze across the turf offensively, but they still have to face some talented offenses. I think the Red Raiders may lose at Texas, and possibly Stillwater, but stranger things have happened. No one expected Ok State to be where they are now, but I still think that Texas Tech just simply does not have the horses to maintain their top ten position.

-If I had to select some matchups to see in BCS bowls, hmmm, that would be tough, but my list would probably look like this...

Rose- USC v. Penn State: As unlikely as it is that Penn State will lose, I want it to happen because, as I explained above, I just don't think they deserve it.

Fiesta- Utah v. Oklahoma State: I just want to see it happen. I have zero evidence or information to support it.

Orange- Oklahoma v. Florida: I think its on in this one. Two great coaches, quarterbacks, and traditional powerhouses.

Sugar- Boise St v. Georgia: Obviously, the chances of this happening are zero, but for this game happens based solely on my need for a real playoff.

Championship- Texas v. Alabama: Hook 'em Horns; Roll Tide. Does it get any better???

Remember, these are just the games I'd like to see. Obviously the chances of it happening are zero.


andy said...

i like it, and a utah-okstate matchup wouldn't be an impossiblity i.e. kansas 2007 orange bowl-left out of big xii title game? it could happen...lets hope it does...new years in scottsdale anyone?!

amrocks! said...

Yes, finally the Tide get some respect on your blog. ;) (though a national title game might be a slight stretch...)

MEGGandBOBBY said...

Brownie Cous!! Bobby and I want to be blog friends so I added you to our friends!!!!!!!!!