Monday, April 20, 2009

I haven’t written here in forever, which is my own fault, but with football season being done, I lost a significant amount of motivation, so I’ve decided to just switch this to a regular blog that most likely will be dominated by sports posts. If you don’t like it, I apologize, but I have little more of noteworthiness or good report than what I glean from the world of sports.

-The jazz frustrate me to no end. Basically what it comes down to are the same things that frustrate me about life and myself, and to an extent, other people. They play with little or no heart from time to time, lack consistency, and often times, effort altogether. Anyone who has talked to me lately knows that my biggest kick right now is doing things in my life that I feel passionate about. Sadly, because of the wealth of information and material, my love for reading usually leads me to spend hours at a time on the computer, and my need or desire to bounce ideas off of other people and to generate conversation means my facebook account is almost always logged on, which is not the absolute worst thing, because I gain knowledge and love to read. I can’t say that I blame people who have no dreams, or have outlying reasons for not pursuing them, but I can blame the Jazz for lacking heart or desire. If basketball is such a big chore for you, how about you give back the $12,000,000 that you made this year and go bust hump looking for a job at your local fast food restaurant, because to the rest of the world, this is all we can do. If you have a special talent, it is your responsibility to use it to the best of your ability. I think we’re all guilty at some point, but that should set us on a proper course to correct. I don’t see that happening with the Jazz. Win or lose, they lost heart, which is something I just can not stand.

-I think its wrong, but spring to me means that football is just around the corner. Yes, I know baseball is typically a spring sport, but in all honesty, I enjoy it more in the summer when there is little else to talk about more than in the spring.

-My matchup of the spring, like so many others in the glorious state of Utah, is Corbin Louks v. Terrance Cain. I haven’t been able to see much, but just from what I personally believe and have read, I think that Louks will get the nod. He has a little more experience in the current system, and familiarity can mean a lot to any athlete. Clearly both sound very capable.

-I’d love the chance to build my own team from scratch in any sport. With salary cap setups its not like you can just put together a team of nothing but pro bowl or all star caliber players, in anything but baseball, but it would be interesting to see how successful they would be on the field, and not just in fantasy style leagues. Would your schemes work? How about the chemistry? Could you really survive with mostly team players and contributors? These are all questions I’d love to see answered for my own picks.

-I’m a Padres fan, end of story. I have respect for the Twins and the Angels, mostly because I grew up watching their minor league players, but I’ve seen more Angels games than any team but the Padres, and I like the workmanlike style of the Twins, but I have to say, few things in this world beat eating a Dodger Dog while hanging out at the toilet bowl. One of those things, however, is any game at Petco Park ;)

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