Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So anyone who knows or talks to me on a semi recent basis knows that I chose to live in St George this summer and try and knock out some school so that I can get it done more quickly. While in the beginning, I thought this was a great idea, it has turned out to be much more difficult than I imagined, but, as I see now, much more necessary. Which has led me to blog more than I ever have before, which I actually think is huge. My love of writing has never betrayed me, but I certainly have not shown it the time or attention that it deserves, so maybe this "Summer Of One" will have some benefit to it. As always, I'm just posting thoughts, sorry, but until I start taking a class on how to blog more effectively, it is what it is.

My iPod must be possessed, lately it has been playing a few songs that just make me want to go someplace big and energetic, like Vegas, so I think I might start a Vegas mix here tonight. Not that I really want to go, because Vegas is really overpriced and kind of less fun now that I am older and have to pay for everything myself, but I just like the idea of having that go-to mix for a good night. Yes I am a music geek. Feel free to judge me all you like.

I think that right now I would love to write for a show like Entourage, one where I could put together these semi-ridiculous ideas that only super rich and powerful people can really get done. Not that I don't believe that they might happen, but I just have the feeling that they wouldn't be as satisfying as I might hope they are. On-screen everything looks better anyways.

I have to chime in on the Jazz today. I think Memo, Booz, and Korver opting-in will be fine. I love Millsap as much as anyone else, so I hope he stays, but if we lose him, it's not the end of the world. Having $27 million dollars in expiring contracts leaves the Jazz a lot of flexibility at the trade deadline for next season, and the offseason that EVERYONE is preparing for, 2010. Plus, we still get the chance to see how the team might do healthy, and if they struggle, or we need an extra piece later in the season, we have the flexibility to do so. I think having open options is a nice thing to have right now. If you wanted to connect this to our current situation with the economy, you could say having options is good for everyone because there are more opportunities to achieve your goals. So far, despite being kind of melodramatic, the off-season for the Jazz has been effective I think. Not really a whole lot out there really makes us a better team unless it is through some trades.

I'm feeling much older these days. 26 is still young, technically, but I've definitely been bitten by the "environment" bug that is Utah. I know I've taken a random winding path in my life, but it has been the right one for me to get to where I need to be, and to learn the lessons that I need to, so it can be hard for me to hate it. Yet, I get the feeling that my young days of play are ending. I notice a lot of things ending that used to be a big deal to me, a lot of transition with those around me, and a lot changes within as well. I think the thing that scares me the most I guess is facing all this without my closest friends there with me from day to day. I never realized how much I relied on them for pretty much anything, and now that I am kind of on my own in almost every respect, the world seems much bigger and more lonely, and harder to conquer. I guess I just assumed that there were great friends like mine all over, but that might have been a great exaggeration.

I need help learning more about computers. Maybe taking a class would be a good idea, but I just feel less than prepared than I should be.

I'm on a hunt for good things to read. If you have any, just comment below this post. I love reading and I will give just about anything a chance.


Taylor said...

I LOVE this book i'm reading right now, i bet you would too:

The Travelers Gift
by: Andy Andrews

Who knows you may have already read it, but i like it. Also-sorry for creepin on your blog and twitter. YOu know me-Taylor the creeper. ;) Miss ya Big E.

The Katester said...

I can relate to the losing your Best Friends thing, it's hard to just go out and make someone that you're that connected to.

Have you read the Kite Runner??